Olivia’s Story:

Olivia was rescued from ACS death row as she was quickly running out of time! She has been flourishing in foster ever since.

Oh baby when you talk like that, you make a doggy go mad… Oops, you caught me singing my most famous song. My name is Shakira, but these humans insist on calling me Olivia. I call myself Shakira because I cannot resist moving my hips out of joy. 90% of all my body movement is hip shaking and tail wagging. The other 10% is laying on my back waiting to get belly rubbed. I absolutely love people! My favorite part about people is that they can scratch behind my ears, nothing makes me happier than getting pet. Currently I a little nervous around other dogs, and I believe I may be best suited for single dog homes. I’m a celebrity, so obviously I have to be your only one. I love lounging, so while you cook, clean, and do human stuff, I will just watch and wag my tail. Currently I am working muzzle training, and small commands like “sit” and “come”. I’m also AMAZING on a leash. Yep, I’m just that talented!


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July 13, 2018