Paco’s Story:

Paco was rescued from ACS death row in the knick of time. He is the sweetest fella but no one stopped at his kennel to take him home. Fortunately a foster stepped up and the rest is history!

Hi I’m Paco! I’ve been told I’m pretty much the perfect dog for any family, at least that’s what my foster mom says. During the day I love playing with my two foster fur siblings, Im really good at sharing my favorite Kong bone with my brother Chance and my sister Bella likes to lick my ears when I’m relaxing. With the help of my foster parents I’ve learned how to sit, stay, shake, and my all time favorite, lay down (because that means I get to go lay on my favorite blankets!) Whenever I get sleepy during the day I love cuddling up with my human foster sister, she’s only 5 but I am so gentle with her. She sneaks me treats all the time, I just make sure I’m slow when I take them from her hand so she doesn’t get scared. Something that makes me so happy is going on car rides! Whenever I see my leash I twirl around in circles.  But i only go on car rides sometimes, when I don’t go I relax around the house. My foster dad lets me because I just sleep while they are gone. So I guess all of those things are reasons why my foster mom says I’m the perfect dog for any family! If you want to make me a part of your family fill out an application!!


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September 10, 2018