Pea Bea

Pea Bea’s Story:

Pea Bea was picked up as a pregnant stray by a good Samaritan.

PeaBea is a SUPER sweet dog that LOVES to cuddle all day every day. She’s the most affectionate dog you’ll ever encounter. She hasn’t come across a food she doesnt like. She devours bananas, so always keep some on standby; if you do she’ll love you forever. She isn’t very good with cats but is good with other dogs. She is amazing with children; very gentle and patient. She knows some basic commands and is easy to train as she is very food motivated.

Pea Bea’s puppies (born 2/16/2019): Honey (adopted), Butters (adopted), Jiffy (adopted), Peanut (adopted)


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May 29, 2019