Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue’s Story:

Peggy Sue was rescued from ACS death row as she was literally next in line. A volunteer saw her laying cold and alone in the kennel awaiting her fate after being abandoned by her owners. She couldn’t let this 11 year old girl die alone in a shelter and the rest is history!

Hi there! You probably already know me from that Buddy Holly song but my name is Peggy Sue. I love it when I hear my name and I do a little wobbly dance. The most important thing you need to know about me is that I absolutely love walks! They’re my favorite thing (besides beef jerky)! I am a good gal and walk great on the leash; even though I’m older I still enjoy a good workout… nothing too crazy though, just a 20 min stroll. I currently live in a home with 4 other fur friends. I am a laid-back, classy lady and I like everyone I meet. I am obviously potty and crate trained and I know sit and come. My previous owner forgot me at the apartment we used to live in together… I often hear my foster mommy say that she and the rescue saved me with minutes to spare before I was put down. I always wonder what that means but never dare to ask…
I’ve seen the seasons come and go… I’m a lot older now, closer to the finish line than to the starting line but I would like to find a forever home where I can spend the rest of my days bringing you joy and cuddling. I won’t ask for much, just a good belly rub and a warm bed I can lay in at night. In return, I promise I’ll patiently wait for you to come home from work every day (and lick you like crazy when you walk through the door), rest my head on your lap when you’re feeling sad and even protect you from the post man. Will you take me home with you?


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October 21, 2018