Penelope’s Story:

Penelope was pulled from ACS less than an hour before her 5pm deadline. We rallied together and found a foster just in time. We can’t wait to see this happy girl flourish in foster!

Hi, my name is Penelope and I very well could be the cuddliest, gives the most kisses dog ever!   My hoomans think I was abandoned in a move by a family who couldn’t care for me anymore because I’m very sweet and very trusting and love everyone!  I was found pretty emaciated in a field after having had puppies but I don’t think they realized that I had just had them… So when I was taken into shelter and then my foster house I was very sad and kept trying to look for them in the back yard.  But I’m better now and I’ve gained all my weight back and having fun dog brothers to play with helped. I LOVE other dogs and play all day with my big foster brother (a pit) and my little foster brother (a weenie dog). I have lot’s of energy meaning I love lot’s of play time so having me in a house with another dog is my ideal situation. I’m great with kids and often sleep with the girl and boy hooman at nighttime. I would also be good for someone who runs or will take me on outdoor activities. I potty outside, I’m in training and it’s going well — I’m a fast learner — and I am working on walking on a leash like a good girl. Give me a shot, I promise you’ll love me as much as I’ll love you.



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November 30, 2018