Penny’s Story:

Penny was rescued from ACS death row. She is loving life in foster and can’t wait to find her fur-ever family!

Penny, or as my foster parents like to call me Penny-Lane, is my name, and I’m estimated to be about 2 years old. I have the appetite of a teenage boy, and the energy of a toddler on a playground.  I’m very shy at first around dogs and people, and I’m not the quickest to trust, but once I like you, I won’t leave your side…LITERALLY. I am unable to talk about my past because well I’m a dog, but I have a lot of scars that define me and if you raise your voice, I get scared and cower to a place I feel safe.  I love to cuddle, and give kisses, but belly rubs and back scratches are my favorite. I am really good on a leash, I love walks day or night, and I love going to the dog park to meet new friends. I like to play fetch, but if you throw the ball too far I am going to make you go get it because who actually likes to run, right???  When at home and we are lounging I like to burrow under the blanket and lay next to you like a mole rat. When it is time for bed I like to sleep with my parents because I get scared being alone. I am not good in cages because I get scared but I am the smartest dog you’ll ever meet. I’m like the reincarnated Houdini in a dog’s body; no cage can contain me!  Lastly, if you show me love and compassion I will show you the same and be grateful for our companionship proving to be a loyal dog, friend, and blanket Wookie. 


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November 12, 2019