Peter’s Story:

Peter was rescued from ACS death row along with his mom Wendy and 3 litter-mates.

Hold it right there, you have just discovered gold! My name is nugget, you know, like the ones found during the gold rush? Well my “real” name is Peter but I prefer nugget… anyway I want to tell you about myself: I am super submissive, if you approach me I will lay on my back (that is an invitation to rub my belly). I also love playing with other dogs; currently I have 4 adult playmates and they all love me, I believe that I am their favorite chew toy… I mean puppy. I also love cuddling (my foster siblings often mistake me as part of their body) When I’m not cuddling, you can find me listening to commands such as sit or lay down. I’m working on potty training and am close, I think I’m doing a great job. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I am crate trained! So, if you are digging for gold you can stop, because you found it!


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April 15, 2018