Phoebe’s Story:

Phoebe was picked up as a stray with 6 puppies. She is very underweight and it was clear she and her little family would not thrive at the shelter. Luckily we had a few pawesome fosters step up and the rest is history.

What’s up ya’ll? I’m Phoebe!
After being rescued from the streets with my litter of pups I’m over here livin it UP. I have snuggly blankets to cuddle up with & a full belly every day. I’m very submissive &, if I’m being honest, a little scared when humans approach me. Despite being a little scared I want to cuddle them SO BAD & can’t stop my butt from wiggling. Once you pet me for a bit I won’t let you stop & I enjoy treats & chewing on those Nylabones & antlers my foster family has.
I get along with humans really well, but I’m not too sure about this trio of dweebs that live here. I play with one on a rare occasion, otherwise, I couldn’t care less if they weren’t around. I haven’t met many small humans, so idk if I like them or not. I pretty much lay around all day cuddled up in my favorite pitball shape, but I get the occasional zoomie & enjoy going on walks. I’m not food aggressive with humans & haven’t been tested with the weird little dogs, as my foster mom has been keeping us separated for meals until I get more comfortable here.
I would SHINE like a star as an only-dog, but I get along with other dogs too. Anything to find my forever home.

Phoebe’s puppies born in early October: Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey


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November 18, 2019