Pumpkin’s Story:

Pumpkin AKA Punkin was rescued from a backyard breeder that left she and her newborn babies out in the cold. Fortunately she will never know anything but love and a warm bed from now on!

Hello my name is Pumpkin and I’m a 3 yr old single mother of 5. My kiddos have moved out and i’m looking for a warm and active family to make me one of their own. I get along great with all sizes of humans and furry friends. I may be a little shy when I first meet you but I warm up quickly. I LOOOVE playing outside; I play fetch. . . kinda. I don’t always bring the stick back. Tug-of-war is more my thing or running like I’m in a race and man, can i go fast!  When we go inside I calm down very quickly and will cuddle with you or lay quietly in my bed until someone moves and then I have to see what you are up to. I really like to jump and share my excitement with my human buddies but I am working on that. Some other awesome things I’ve learned are sitting, laying, and shaking hands. Staying is a hard one because like I said, I love to be where you are! If you leave me at home while you shop and do human things that’s ok. I don’t mind hanging out alone; I am crate trained and an expert at sneaking on the couch when you aren’t watching… I’m basically a ninja.

Pumpkin’s babies [born 10/9/18] (available for adoption in early January): Autumn (adopted), Spice (adopted), Birch (adopted), Rusty (adopted), Copper (adopted)


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October 21, 2018