Rio’s Story:

Rio was found roaming the Riverwalk alone, malnourished, and timid with people, but eagerly awaiting the next dog to walk by so she would have a friend to play with. She happily play/followed her now foster fur-brother a mile back to the car where she was taken in to be fed and looked after. She now weighs about 35lbs and is learning new things every day in foster!

Rio is about 10 months old and loves to play with other dogs of any size. She is still a little shy with humans, but once she is familiar with someone she loves to get pet and loved on. She loves toys of all kinds but chewing on antlers is her favorite. She loves to drink water wherever she finds it, puddles, cleaning up spills or from overflowing flower pots. She likes to go for walks, and will definitely let you know when she is getting tired because she will plop herself down and roll on the ground in protest (its pretty cute). She still has puppy energy, but is easily tuckered out and can be quite content entertaining herself with toys or taking a nap. She is house trained and crate trained. Rio sits and waits patiently for food, but is still working on sit in other situations. Rio is a real sweetheart and will make a great addition to an active and loving home.



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May 9, 2018