Rudy’s Story:

Rudy found himself running out of time at ACS after being abandoned at a park in downtown San Antonio.

Hey friends, Rudy here. I used to roam the streets of downtown San Antonio but that was before my luck turned and everything changed for the better! I’m currently hanging out in my foster home with my foster mom and two 4-legged foster sisters. My foster mom says I’m such a love bug because I always want to hang out with her and curl up in her lap. What can I say – I’m a sweetheart that loves to be around people and other doggos! She also says I’m a good boy because I always handle my business outside, love to go for long walks and never pull on my leash, and because I don’t bark when the Amazon people ring the doorbell – not even when my foster sisters go berserk and bark up a storm! I’m too laid back for all that noise. When it’s not time for snuggling, I just like to watch TV and look out the window – it’s so interesting to watch people and their dogs walk by. I also like using the doggie door to let myself out when the weather’s nice so I can explore the back yard. Foster mom says it’s nice that she can trust me not to dig holes in the yard or get into trouble. Oh and, I also like baths because I find that the ladies really enjoy having me around right afterward. You should hear them swoon about how handsome I am! What can I say, I’m just an easy-going, all-around like-able dude. Oh and, don’t let my sad face fool you. It’s just my trick to make the ladies melt like butter. Works every time!

P.S. My foster mom told me to tell you that I’m about a year old and weigh 40 lbs. She says I’m not going to grow anymore and I’m what she calls a ‘petite pittie.’ That sounds pretty cute so I’ll allow it. Oh and, I haven’t spent any time around cats here in my foster home so she’s not sure how I’ll get along with them. I ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ when she tells me to, and I even jump in the crate when she goes to run errands. And she says I’m pretty smart (was there any doubt?) so she’s teaching me more tricks like ‘lay down’ and ‘roll over.’ So if you’re interested in making me a part of your family, don’t wait too long! Foster mom says some lucky family is going to scoop me up real fast!


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February 6, 2020