Sailor’s Story:

Sailor was found at Medina Lake with his 6 litter-mates. The good Samaritan that found them waiting for their mama to appear but after a few days their situation became dire and they were brought into the rescue. He has absolutely flourished in foster and is now ready to meet his fur-ever family!

Sailor, much like his namesake, is an adventurous one who is just as comfortable dashing across treacherous terrains as he is chilling on the couch next to you. He is treat motivated and is willing to show off his talents, such as sit, down, and stay, for the right price… a treat! He is incredibly happy and will let you know by wagging his tail and licking your face. He snuggles right up to you for his obligatory belly rubs. By day he is a mild manner puppy, by nigh he roams the earth posing as a tiny polar bear. He is house broken and is proficient in the use of the doggie door. He uses this knowledge to ensure that the house toys and yard toys stay in their proper place…or not. His nose is covered in spots, which is only accented by the spots upon his body. Keep an eye on him or he will be gone, just kidding. He’s Sailor!

Baby Sailor:


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February 18, 2018