Savannah’s Story:

Savannah was brought into the rescue as a small puppy fighting for her life after a parvo outbreak. She was adopted but sadly returned three years later after her family was transferred to a state with strict BSL.

Hi there! I’m a petite (40 lbs), brindle beauty with many names: Savannah, Savannah Banana, Teeny and “Get Off the Couch.” I love hanging out, watching movies and like The Little Mermaid says: “I wanna be where the people are.” I will be your companion for life if you’d let me! I have some pretty endearing titles: “Destroyer of Toys,” “Chaser of Tennis Balls,” “Queen of the Cuddles,” “Breaker of Chains…” wait what?

I don’t mind the company of other dogs or cats or any other animal for that matter but I really don’t like sharing my toys when I’m in the middle of creating a cotton masterpiece. If they respect that, it’s all gravy baby. My favorite past times include: sun bathing, walkies, playing fetch, turning toys inside out and napping.


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November 18, 2019