Scooby’s Story:

Scooby was rescued, along with his 4 siblings, after being abandoned at birth. He and his litter mates were dumped and left for dead until an amazing foster stepped up to care for the bottle babies.

I’m the Scoobs, or formally referred to as Scooby. I hear I’m around 6 months old and I’m all fun loving puppy. I love to run, and play. I even play well by myself. I will find my toys and just enjoy myself. I also like to play with water. Biting the water coming out of the hose is really fun. I’m working on learning to tell my friends when I need to potty. I have a variety of friends. One is a dachshund, but the biggest friend is huge, so I don’t mind different size dogs. I sleep in my crate throughout the day and at night. I also live with kids and you know, they aren’t so bad. Maybe a furever home with some kids would be cool. I won’t bite, but my super long tail may accidentally get in the way. I do wag it all the time. I’m just so happy.