Scooby’s Story:

Scooby was rescued, along with his 4 siblings, after being abandoned at birth. He and his litter mates were dumped and left for dead until an amazing foster stepped up to care for the bottle babies.

This is Scooby, or Scooby scoobs. He is a super sweet 7 month old puppy. His foster family consist of two kids, mom, dad, a large golden retriever, another pittie, and a small dachshund. Scooby loves them all. He is an absolute sweetie. He’s learning to use a bell hanging from the door to tell people when he needs to go out. He will go to his crate when it’s time to be home alone, and if he’s bored he will find a toy to play with. He is the goodest boy! He LOVES water and often plays with the hoses and sprinklers. Baths do not bother him. He is doing well at learning to walk on a leash. Scooby would do well for any type of family, first time owners, families with kids, and even experienced owners. Please, if you are looking for a relaxed puppy to fill a void in your life, consider this cutie.


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June 3, 2019