Shaggy’s Story:

Shaggy was rescued, along with his 4 siblings, after being abandoned at birth. He and his litter mates were dumped and left for dead until an amazing foster stepped up to care for the bottle babies.

Hi, I’m Shaggy! And I’m around 6 months old. I promise I try to be well mannered and considerate (I won’t jump on the couch or steal from the counters). Im careful to watch activity from a safe space, but once I see that it’s ok to be a part of the situation, I’m all in. I currently live with a mixture of dogs, small and large. I love to play with every size. I will give a nice sit for both treats and neck scratches. I sleep in a crate at night and hang out there when no one is home, which is ok. I prefer to potty outside, but sometimes I need to go and I can’t make it to the door, I promise to look for a puppy pad and get all 4 paws on it. I recently found out that the leash means walks outside the fence, and I like that. I do have a bit of a strong personality and would get along fabulously with an experienced owner and their pack.


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June 3, 2019