Sunny’s Story:

Sunny was rescued from ACS death row. She was found roaming a neighborhood and the community rallied when she was picked up by an ACO. A foster was found and the rest is history!

Sunny can be totally attentive or a daydreamer. Her attentive side is always eager to please. You know by the way her ears move when you talk to her or she is following your every move. She loves to get her tummy rubbed which brings out her dreamy side…sends her straight to dreamland. Her eyes goes glossy when she zones out under the spell of your touch. She will smother you with kisses. She loves being petted by everyone, her tail never stops wagging. Sunny enjoys going on walks, she already knows basic commands like .. sit, down,  come, place…working on boundary. She loves to run, full of energy, and plays well with other dogs. She is adorable and very loving.


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November 26, 2019