Taurus’ Story:

Taurus was rescued from the streets of San Antonio with his mama (Luna) and littermates.

My name is Taurus and everyone says I look like Marmaduke, even though I may grow to be as big as he is… who knows… I love playing with my brother and chasing him in and out of the doggie door. I also love my older foster brother and older foster sisters but back off when they need time to themselves. I like going out the doggie door whenever I want to potty, lay in the grass or just relax. I am really good riding in the car and going on walks. I will sit patiently and away from others while everyone is waiting to be fed, then I dig in. When I have had enough fun and ready for bed, I go to my room and fall asleep. I am easy going and love everyone. I have really good listening skills and do what I am told. You don’t have to tell me twice! 


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June 3, 2019