Valor’s Story:

Valor was rescued from ACS death row after arriving at the campus for the second time. In August of 2017 he was picked up after being shot and was returned to his owners. This time he arrived riddled with puncture wounds and will never have to go back to a life of sadness again.

Hi my name is Valor and boy, let me tell you a story. I am learning sign language slowly and have figured out several words already that get me excited to see. One being my name. I love my new dog friend, he is showing me the ropes around this new world, I watch his responses and it makes the learning process go quickly. My foster mom laughs at me because I love all the toys in the house she says I am a master thief, so I hope my furrever home understands I have a hording problem LOL. I do not like cats!! Not sure if it is the sly nature of them and I can’t hear them until they scare me but I just don’t like them. If I could pick out my #1 Furrever home it would be a home that is calm and maybe a friend to play with. But no cats. I enjoy walks and lounging around.  A home that will expand my sign language signs and allow me to hear the world through them. I just want a home that will love me because that is all I want to give to them is love in return. And must LOVE kisses, I give butterfly kisses to the ones I love.

Valor crossed the rainbow bridge on 4/5/2019


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April 30, 2018