Velma’s Story:

Velma was rescued, along with her 4 siblings, after being abandoned at birth. She and her litter mates were dumped and left for dead until an amazing foster stepped up to care for the bottle babies.

Hi Y’all, my name is Velma. I’m the pretty one with the legs for days. I may take a while to warm up to you, but when I do, your heart will melt. With these legs, comes a fast personality, so I hope you can keep up. If you have someone that I can chase, I will spend all day catching them every single time. When I’m not out making my scene, I will be right there next to you waiting on them belly rubs. I like my crate, but if you show me the good life, I will only want more. I also have a way of figuring out how to get out that door, be it through the doggie door or by letting you know. So if you think you can handle all this, maybe I’ll give you a kiss for your troubles.


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June 3, 2019