Wendy’s Story:

Wendy was rescued from ACS death row with her 4 babies.

Wendy is an incredible dog! She loves people, she never meets a stranger and loves kids in particular. She is still learning how to be gentle and not jump up on people to say hello, but she has picked up on the new rules really quickly. She now sits for attention and will sit in your lap for kisses if you let her! She loves to play and hang out outside, but also loves snuggling up on the couch. She’s doing great in her crate and hasn’t had any accidents in the house. Her overall health is definitely improved and it looks like her hair is starting to grow back. She looooves to play fetch, and is always up for a game of tug with anyone that will play with her. She tends to get a little over exuberant with other dogs, so an equally matched wrestling partner will be important. She leans toward the alpha role but overall she is fine with neutral or more submissive dogs.

Wendy’s puppies (born around 12/16/17): Peter, Darling (adopted), Pan (adopted) & Tiger Lily (adopted)


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January 31, 2018