Zoe’s Story:

Zoe was picked up by China Grove ACS in deplorable condition. Poor Zoe was struggling on the shoulder of the road, every bone in her body was visible and barely covered in her almost hairless skin. Her head was hung low as she struggled to stay on her feet. She was a breeder that was dumped once she could no longer produce. Until her amazing foster mom stepped in, Zoe had never set foot on grass and didn’t know what it meant to be loved. She is blossoming day by day and we can’t wait to see her continued progress!

It was clear that this poor girl had never know care or affection that her life had been only in a cage or crate, her top and bottom teeth are nubs from trying to bite out, her feet are flat from years on pavement. Zoe is turning into a lovely sweet girl, she is funny and personable, gets along with other dogs and is great with cats. She loves stuffed toys which she collects into a pile and sleeps next to them in her cozy bed – finally a life she deserves.