Star Volunteers



Hi, I’m Rachelle. I’m originally from Emporia, Kansas. I attended Emporia State University, a Master Teacher’s College, and moved to San Antonio with my high school sweetheart to fulfill my dream of teaching. Danny and I got married a year later and bought our first home and rescued our first dog from his worksite on the same day!  Three years later in 2001 we had our son, Cesar, and in 2006 we had our second child, Isabelle. Twenty years later- I’m still educating elementary students in reading and recently I’ve decided to educate the public on pit bulls.

I’ve always had pets throughout my life, but became very active in volunteering and fostering while helping my son’s Boy Scout troop at a local no-kill shelter.    We took the senior dogs on walks and organized donation events. My family was at this shelter when we came upon my first blue baby, Leonidas Augustus or Leo, for short. He’s been a part of our family for almost three years now.  Throughout many of our public adventures- my eyes were opened to how many people see pit bulls and I decided to become an advocate for this loving, beautiful breed.

In 2016 I became involved with ACPBRR when wanting to expand our family. We attended many adoption events and eventually fostered a momma with eight puppies.  Needless to say- I’m a foster failure and now we have a baby girl, Alexandria Willow or Lexi, for short!  We are still fostering her momma and hope to continue to educate people on these faithful, wonderful dogs.
> I’ve really enjoyed meeting other fosters and adopters.  I’m blessed to have such a supportive and caring family who have joined me on this mission!!!


Hi, I’m Connie Carey. I’m originally from Reidsville, North Carolina.  I retired from the Air Force and have been fortunate to see so many places and make friends (humans and our four-legged fur-babies) all over the world!  I have two Master’s degrees in Education (Adult Education/Distance Learning and Instructional Leadership).  My second career as a teacher leads me towards wanting to be more of an activist in Animal Rescue specifically for the Pitbull Awareness of all.

I have two wonderful children, Lindsay (24 and married) and Patrick (19 and attends UTSA).  I’ve had cats and dogs since I was a little kid.   My kids have always had cats when they were growing up as military kiddos.  Once I retired in 2008 and moved to San Antonio, we rescued from the Universal City shelter our first dog Louie.  He’s a terrier mix.  Then we became more involved with San Antonio Pets Alive through our Boy Scout Troop 70.  In 2014, we adopted Maximus, Staffordshire Bull Terrier from SAPA when he was 12 weeks old.  In January 2017, we met the wonderful people at Alamo City Pitbull Rescue and Rehabilitation.  Our family decided to foster 3 of Perdita’s pups, Romeo, Juliet and Sebastian.  Sebastian is now a permanent member of our family.  We also foster Poppy and she’s almost 6 months old and blends right in with our 3 dogs and two cats, Marshmellow and Madison.

We love attending the ACPBRR events as well as other events around San Antonio that sponsor saving animals.  I’ve had a blast meeting all of the families involved in saving the lives of all of these furry friends.