Star Volunteers



Mari is the proud mom of three spoiled fur babies. She is dedicated to helping dogs and has
volunteered over 1500 hours since 2016 towards the caring and training of dogs at various shelters throughout the Alamo City. Mari has rescued and fostered nearly a dozen dogs in her home and is currently pursuing her certification as a certified dog trainer.

Mari chose to volunteer with the Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue (ACPBR) after working with pit bulls at other shelters and noticing the bad and undeserved reputation they have in the San Antonio community. Additionally, her personal experience of having two different dog trainers deem one of her fur babies, a two-year old pit bull mix, as aggressive and unadoptable, and recommending the dog to be euthanized, motivated her to make a difference to work more with pit bulls and educate others against breed discrimination. Mari is still active with other shelters and enjoys educating others on spay/neutering programs and other healthy ways to care for dogs.

Mari started volunteering with ACPBR because she believes in their mission. Pitbull’s are often perceived by the public as being dangerous and aggressive and all they want is to love and be loved. The volunteers and fosters at ACPBR are truly dedicated and she is honored to be part of such special


Jennifer grew up in Chicago, where her family always had a dog (or two). For as long as she can remember, dogs have been a part of her life.

Jennifer has been active with several local shelters in Texas for the past three years. She enjoys taking training classes to better prepare for working with all types of dogs. Assisting in playgroups with the shelter dogs is one of her favorite activities. “It’s great seeing the dogs learn how to socialize with each other and just have fun.”

She chose to volunteer at Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue after attending an event with a friend. She worked with pit bulls at other shelters and couldn’t understand why so many potential adopters passed them up. She is excited to be a part of ACPBR to work with other volunteers who have the same passion for these sweet dogs.



Born and raised in the Lonestar state of Texas, my family had many dogs growing up so I have always loved dogs.  My journey of working with rescue dogs began in February of 2016 at a local shelter, where I had the opportunity of working with so many dogs of various temperaments and unique personalities.  I was always attracted to the dogs who needed a little more of my time and patience.  The first pibble I encountered was named Angel and he was far from being an angel.  He was not only a strong puller but both dog and cat reactive.  I spent close to a year working with him, every single day after work, on teaching him to walk nicely on leash and on his reactivity until he was adopted by an amazing family.  I have continued working with pitbulls because from my own personal experience with them, they are loyal, affectionate and total love bugs.  I didn’t think I was doing enough for our furry friends, so I decided to volunteer at several other rescues so that I could help more dogs. I chose ACPBR because I hope to help change the negative stigma surrounding pitbulls, and I am proud to be a volunteer with the only pitbull rescue in San Antonio.  


I truly believe that one of the biggest blessings in life are dogs and I cannot imagine my life without them. I’ve always loved Pit Bulls because they’re such gorgeous looking dogs, but my love for them grew a few years back when I dog sat a pittie for a friend and realized how sweet and loving they are.  I was also very moved by a pit bull named Apollo and his owner when I heard their story and began following them on instagram (@adoreabullapollo). I remember seeing a post on their account that said “If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can foster, volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, donate.”  I have 2 dogs and under my current living arrangement, that is my max, so unfortunately, I can’t adopt or foster, but I CAN volunteer. So I looked up the dog rescues in town and when I saw Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue, I knew this was the rescue I wanted to volunteer with because I want nothing more than to help lift the stigma that pit bulls are given and help find these sweet, loving babies a home.  After I filled out the application and was approved to volunteer, I had to put my eagerness to help on hold because I had a medical emergency where a hemorrhage occurred behind my eye, my retina began to detach and I needed emergency surgery. Thankfully, my surgery went well and most of my vision has been restored, so I’ve been able to volunteer and attend some events with ACPB, but I have to say that meeting a pittie princess named Jade, has just really moved my heart beyond measure. Jade is one of the pit bulls with ACPB that is waiting for her forever home.  She is currently in boarding, so I pick her up a couple of times a week to spend some time with her.  Jade is the most loving, fun, sweet, amazing dog I have ever met, and what makes her even more special to me, is that she only has one eye.  I know I still have both of my eyes, but the fact that this year brought so much uncertainty with my vision (and quite honestly, there is still uncertainty for the future of my vision), I feel it makes our bond that much more sweeter.  I look forward to the day this sweet girl finds a loving home and I have great hope that I will be able to continue this friendship we have.  I’m grateful there is a rescue like ACPB to help educate and lift the stigma of this beautiful, overlooked breed that I so very much love.



Hi everyone, my name is Olivia. I have lived in 5 states and am a recent transplant to San Antonio. I saved my pibblepotomus, Sam, when I was living in Alabama. He is 7 and is the most gentle and loyal soul I have ever encountered.  I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I am grateful every day I have with him. When I moved to San Antonio my mom was the only person I knew in Texas. I was on FB and saw an add for an adoption event with Alamo City Pitbull Rescue and I knew this would be perfect for me. I was able to meet like minded people who wanted to educate the public and help pups. I also get to hang out with these big babies so it is a total win for me. I am a nurse and have been working in the medical field since 2012. This ties in with my passion of being an advocate for those without a voice. Whether it be a patient of mine or a furbabe I will fight for them. I am a healer. I am a fixer.  

Being a volunteer with Alamo City Pitbull Rescue has been extremely rewarding. I have been able to witness so much love and hope which is invaluable in this day and age. Not every story we come across is a good one, sometimes our rescues come from tragic backgrounds.  This is difficult for me to comprehend and deal with. I now have friends from Alamo City Pitbull Rescue who I can reach out to and we talk it out. Some of our tragic stories turn out to have fairytale endings and that is why I will continue to be a member of this group.  I am determined to advocate, educate and rescue this breed. Sam and I are often walking along the Riverwalk or visiting dog friendly establishments in Texas. I am a proud pibble mom and we walk tall with pride. We still receive the unapproving glances and unprovoked comments but it gives me an opportunity to advocate.  #educateDONTdiscriminate

“those who teach the most about humanity aren’t always human” 

P.S. No dogs were harmed in my profile picture. Sam is a big squishy and I cannot help myself 😉