Strays and Owner Surrenders

Found A Dog?

Sometimes, accidents happen and dogs get out! Before you think “stray”, try to reunite the lost dog with his owners. Someone out there might be looking for their fur baby! A lost dog might be underweight, hurt or dirty. Its possible that it became that way during the time it was on the run. Lost house pets are also often frightened or incredibly skittish- this doesn’t always mean that the dog was abused or neglected!


“I Found A Dog — now what?”

Before you think “stray”, try to reunite the lost dog with his owners. Someone out there might be looking for his or her fur baby! To re-unite a dog with their owners:

  • check for tags
  • check for a microchip. A local shelter or vet office can scan for a chip for you. If there is a chip and it is NOT registered, ask the chip manufacturer which shelter or vet office put the chip in. They should have records that can link you back to the owners!
  • Post flyers in the area the dog was found.
  • Post ads online. Craigslist, Facebook, instagram with hash tags, newspaper, pet finder, etc are all useful online tools!
  • Look for Lost Dog flyers/posting online and in the area where the dog was found.
  • Contact local shelters. Most owners will file lost dog reports with their local shelter.


Legal Obligations to Consider

Most cities have a “holding period” which means that you are required to try and find the dogs owners. Once this hold time has expired and no ownership claims have come forward, then you can start looking at re-homing options.


“I’ve done everything mentioned above… what now?”

If you have done everything above and unsuccessfully reunited your stray dog with his or her owner, or you have rescued a dog from a shelter, bad situation, etc. the following applies to you:

Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue is not a shelter. We are a foster based rescue and cannot intake without a dedicated foster. We have very limited resources; however, we have done this a time or two, and would like to help you successfully place your homeless dog. The following things make your dog marketable and are required for intake:

  • Spay or neuter: San Antonio is FILLED with low cost spay and neuter locations! Certain zip codes qualify for free spay and neuters or discounted services. Animal Defense League, Spay SA, Humane Society, SNAP and SNIPSA to name a few.
  • Talk about it!- spread the word about your foster dog! Post adoption ads online (facebook, craigslist, instagram, etc). Take your foster on putting with an adopt me bandana on. Petsmart, dog friendly restaurants or parks are great ways to get your dog out there.
  • Up to date on shots: There are also many low cost vaccination clinics which even host mobile clinics weekly or monthly
  • CANNOT pose a threat to humans
  • If there have been reactivity issues with other animals, you will need to have the dog evaluated by a professional at your expense

“I need to surrender my dog.”

Unfortunately, we are not a shelter and cannot house dogs without a dedicated foster. Due to lack of funding and for liability reasons, we cannot take dogs being re-homed due to aggression issues. If you are having problems with behavior, please contact us for a list of training referrals. If you need temporary placement, please check out Happy Paws Boarding for low cost boarding options.