Meet Our Star Volunteers


Mia is the proud mom of three spoiled fur babies. She is dedicated to helping dogs and has volunteered since 2016 towards the caring and training of dogs at various shelters throughout the Alamo City. Mia has rescued and fostered nearly a dozen dogs in her home and is pursuing her certification as a certified dog trainer.

Mia chose to volunteer with the Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue (ACPBR) after working with pit bulls at other shelters and noticing the bad and undeserved reputation they have in the San Antonio community. Additionally, her personal experience of having two different dog trainers deem one of her fur babies, a two-year old pit bull mix, as aggressive and unadoptable, and recommending the dog to be euthanized, motivated her to make a difference to work more with pit bulls and educate others against breed discrimination.


My journey of working with rescue dogs began in February of 2016 at a local shelter, where I had the opportunity of working with so many dogs of various temperaments and unique personalities. I was always attracted to the dogs who needed a little more of my time and patience. I have continued working with pitbulls because from my own personal experience with them, they are loyal, affectionate and total love bugs.

I didn’t think I was doing enough for our furry friends, so I decided to volunteer at several other rescues so that I could help more dogs. I chose ACPBR because I hope to help change the negative stigma surrounding pitbulls, and I am proud to be a volunteer with the only pitbull rescue in San Antonio.


Hi, I’m Michelle

I have been volunteering, fostering, and foster failing with ACPBR since 2020. I have always loved dogs, and you’ll always find me petting them at every house party I attend… but I had only small dogs growing up. I wanted to continue having small dogs until, I fell in love with my first pittie, the rest is history. At the time, I didn’t know how far breed discrimination reached, but the more I learned, the more I wanted to make a difference in how they are viewed and how they are treated.

I learned about ACPBR through a family friend, since then I have continued to learn, and I have enjoyed being part of many happy stories. I am excited for the many more to come.


I am a proud dog mom of 3. I have always loved animals since I was a kid but especially dogs. I grew up owning almost any pet I wanted. I always had a range of different dogs and decided I wanted to own a Pitbull. Luna, my pittie, changed all that for me. I have learned so much from her and she is the reason I started looking into Pitbull rescues. I wanted to make a difference. Pitbull and other bully breeds have such a negative stigma and I wanted to be a part of a group that advocates for them, educates the community and spreads awareness on the breed, that’s why I joined ACPBR. I love volunteering with others who love the breed as much as I do. I will continue advocating for them because they matter too, they always have. 


Jennifer has been active with several local shelters in Texas for the past three years. She enjoys taking training classes to better prepare for working with all types of dogs. Assisting in playgroups with the shelter dogs is one of her favorite activities. “It’s great seeing the dogs learn how to socialize with each other and just have fun.”

She chose to volunteer at Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue after attending an event with a friend. She worked with pit bulls at other shelters and couldn’t understand why so many potential adopters passed them up. She is excited to be a part of ACPBR to work with other volunteers who have the same passion for these sweet dogs.


Hi everyone, my name is Olivia. I saved my pibblepotomus, Sam, when I was living in Alabama. He is 7 and is the most gentle and loyal soul I have ever encountered. Being a volunteer with Alamo City Pitbull Rescue has been extremely rewarding. I have been able to witness so much love and hope which is invaluable in this day and age.

Not every story we come across is a good one, sometimes our rescues come from tragic backgrounds. This is difficult for me to comprehend and deal with. I now have friends from Alamo City Pitbull Rescue who I can reach out to and we talk it out. Some of our tragic stories turn out to have fairytale endings and that is why I will continue to be a member of this group. I am determined to advocate, educate and rescue this breed. Sam and I are often walking along the Riverwalk or visiting dog friendly establishments in Texas. We still receive the unapproving glances and unprovoked comments but it gives me an opportunity to advocate.


I am a dog mom of 2 sweet fur babies. My pittie Zeus I have had since he was six weeks old and he is my soulmate. He has been with me through the highs and the lowest of lows. I adopted Nike my pittie mix during the pandemic she was my foster fail. She had been dumped with her 2 siblings and all fought for their lives to survive parvo.

After I got Zeus when I was 18 I quickly learned that being a dog mom to a Pitt bull came with a lot of responsibility. So many people have Misinformation about the breed and it become my job to advocate and educate.
When I moved to Texas and found ACPBR I signed up to volunteer and have loved it. While I currently can’t foster I try to give as much time to the program and dogs as possible. Spreading awareness of all the amazing dogs that are saved by this rescue and helping in the their journey of finding a forever home. Rescue work is challenging because not every day or story is sunshine and rainbows. When you get to see a pittie find their fur ever family it’s so rewarding.


Hey y’all, my name is Lauren. Growing up, there were a bunch of dogs in my family, so I’ve always been a huge fan of fur babies. Toward the end of my college years in Alabama I found myself visiting the local shelter quite often, which is how I met my Rynn. My pretty pittie is my source of joy every day and the absolute love of my life. I never imagined owning a pittie, but she quickly proved that all the stereotypes surrounding her breed were highly false. However, it took a while for many of my friends and family members to accept Rynn, which is why I took an interest in advocating for these sweet pups. After healing from previous medical conditions and with a bit of training, Rynn and I were able to show everyone just how great a companion she was and continues to be.  

I moved to San Antonio for medical school and wanted to find ways to get involved in the community and meet new people, which is how I came across ACPBR. I started volunteering in early 2022 and have loved every minute of it. Every pittie I’ve met through the rescue has been such a joy and blessing, and they continue to inspire me to spread the positive word about their breed. I love interacting with foster families and can’t wait to help more of these babies find their furever homes